Ascot Mill : Trust in Expertise

International Management Consultancy for Medium to Large Enterprises with a focus on growth, expansion and efficiency.

Ascot Mill has worked with 100’s of clients, over 4 continents

Ascot Mill operates in Brisbane, London, New York, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Mainland China, Moscow, and select regions of The Middle East.

  • Complete corporate growth solutions

  • Industry experience

  • Proven track record of client success

  • Involvement with Fortune 500, and top tier Consulting

Achieve Growth through Expert Advice, Market Intelligence, Consulting, Training and Strategy Implementation

Is Management Consultancy right for your company?

An assessment of current P&L’s, employment responsibilities, and growth opportunities are the key indicators of whether Business Consultancy is viable. Company values, and Client Welfare Prioritisation is at the core of Ascot Mill’s ethos. Whilst a consultant is always an invaluable asset to an organisation, Ascot Mill assumes the responsibility for ensuring that the relationship is viable for both parties.

Our Company Mission is to provide all levels of Business with a growth and management solution, focused on sustainability. Through ‘Integrity and Expertise’, we achieve results and facilitate relationships.
Integrity and Expertise.
Ascot Mill has a commitment to ensuring that the Client’s interests are always aligned with our philosophy of ‘Integrity and Expertise’. This translates into a unique billing system that protects all parties and ensures that client’s objectives are the only deliverable. In short, Consultants work to an outcome, not our own bottom-line.
Ascot Mill Only hires industry leaders in the Business Improvement and Best Practices field. A commitment to providing an expert opinion in alignment with our Methodology is visible in our success.