Welcome To Ascot Mill

Founded in London in 2008,  Ascot Mill is an International Management Consultancy firm for Medium to Large Enterprises with a focus on growth, expansion and efficiency.

We are a collective partnership of professionals working closely with C-Level Executives to achieve quantifiable results.

Through a number of products and methodologies, Ascot Mill delivers Process Development, Internal Management Restructuring, Change Management, Lean, Six Sigma, Brand Development, Marketing, Advertising, and Technology (software, enterprise, and web-based solutions).

Each consultant utilises a unique aspect of their profession to service a broad range of industries, calling on years of experience.

Our consultants have successfully worked with companies across four continents. The result: a group that is capable of understanding multiple markets, as well as the cultural requirements of inter-continental growth and development.

With a new Headquarters founded in Australia in early 2013, Ascot Mill seeks to expand its international offering to a thriving Asia-Pacific economy.

Who Is Ascot Mill

Our Company Mission is to provide all levels of Business with a growth and management solution, focused on sustainability. Through ‘Integrity and Expertise’, we achieve results and facilitate relationships.
Integrity and Expertise.
Ascot Mill has a commitment to ensuring that the Client’s interests are always aligned with our philosophy of ‘Integrity and Expertise’. This translates into unique billing systems that protect all parties and ensures that client’s objectives are the only deliverable. In short, Consultants work to an outcome, not our own bottom-line.
Ascot Mill Only hires industry advisors in the Business Improvement and Best Practices field. A commitment to providing an expert opinion in alignment with our Methodology is visible in our success.

Our Skills

Technology Solutions 100
Marketing and Advertising 98
Lean Six Sigma 95
Brand Development and Expansion 100
Personnel Management and Training 90
Internal Operations 90
International Business Facilitation 97